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Black Box CFW Training Bar 15KG


Specification: 25mm x 2010mm
Nett Weight: 15kg±1%
Material: High Grade Spring Steel
Surface Treatment: All Hard Chrome
Knurling Marks: Dual
Knurling Depth: 0.15~0.20mm
Tensile Strength: 240 KPSI
Max load:1500LB

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Introducing the very first, Black Box CFW Training Barbell. With a tensile strength of 240K PSI, this barbell is build for toughness. No more worries of low quality barbell that will break at high loads; which means safety while you are hitting your max weights.

With a soft knurling of 0.15~0.20mm, these barbells would definitely be a hit for functional fitness enthusiasts as the barbell cycling would be what they do often. Soft knurling avoid your hands from ripping fast especially when you do a high repetition workout like GRACE.

Also packed with a great whip, you can practically feel this bar rattle when it made contact with your hips and getting that bounce when you push the barbell overhead.

You can never go wrong with the Black Box CFW Training Barbell.

Weight 17.36 kg


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