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Black Box Folding Wall Rack


Height: 2286mm
Width: 1225mm
Depth (distance to wall) : 500mm or 1016mm
Tube size: 75mm x 75mm x 3mm


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Black Box Folding Wall Rack offers complete flexibility for strength training without sacrificing the space. How about a garage gym where you can still park your cars? Or a gym in a spare bedroom? No problem, we have got you with our pivotal arm system that easily swings into place and back out of the way.

This rack comes standard with a pair of J-cups, and a Pull-Up Bar. The Black Box Folding Wall Rack comes with standard black powder coat with laser cut numbering on the uprights.

Now the folding wall rack comes with a deeper depth! With the option of longer arms (1016mm), the pull-up bar will be positioned further away from the wall which allows more room your your kipping pull-ups, toes to bar or even bar muscle up! However for the larger version of this rack, you are not able to fold the rig inwards neatly and has to be overlapped with each other due to the long arms. This is to ensure you are still able to rack your barbell properly with the distance of 4ft between the uprights. You can still choose to fold the rig outwards nevertheless.

Weight 80 kg

Small, Large


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