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Black Box GHD 1.0


Foot print: 1723 x 1138mm;
Weight: 70kg


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Black Box GHD 1.0 is a comprehensive tool for midline stabilization and the strengthening of hamstrings and glutes—all in a way that’s functionally transferable to an athlete’s sport.

The GHD comes with a 10-hole swing arm for easy adjustment for athletes of different heights. Also attached are transport wheels for easy maneuver around your gym

Strengthening the hamstrings, glutes, back and core doesn’t only lead to more lifting power: it’s also fundamental when it comes to the prevention of injuries and strains.
Hip, back extensions and glute raises are all typical exercises that can leverage the GHD potential to the benefit of muscle development and safety. It improves core strength, which is a fundamental base of weightlifting, powerlifting, and all sports.

Along with strengthening muscles within the posterior chain, GHD training allows one of the only safe ways to actively train your spinal erectors. GHD sit-ups also result in one of the most powerful abdominal contractions of any movement in the gym. The midline stabilization gained acts like an intrinsic weight belt protecting the spine and improving sport performance.

Weight 70 kg


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