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Black Box Colour Coated Bar – Men 20kg


Specification: 2200 (L) * 28 mm (shaft diameter)
Weight: 20 kg plus or minus 1%
Material: spring steel
Max Loadable Weight: 1500 lb
Shaft plating: red / blue / black zinc
Sleeve coating: black zinc
Bearing: 8HK+ copper sleeve
Knurling Marks: Double knurl marks each side
Tensile Strength: 190k Psi

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A multi purpose bar suited for your weightlifting needs. You can either use it for your snatch or clean & jerk, or you can deadlift, squat and do your presses with them.
Comes in three colours of black, blue and red these bars reeks of quality and you’ll be surprised to know how affordable it is.

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Yellow, Red, Black, Blue


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