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Black Box Trap Bar V1


– Accurately perform Deadlifts, Bent Over Rows, and Squat Jumps
– Unique dual handle design for targeting and isolating desired muscle groups
– Two sets of knurled handles add even more versatility to your workout
– Raised set of handles stand 6″ from the floor for a raised starting position
– Fits standard 50mm Olympic weight plates
– Easy flip design to switch grips
– Crafted with all-steel construction
– Attractive red or black colour way



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The Black Box Trap Bar is a versatile specialty barbell that combines the flush handle of a standard hex bar with a raised grip. This design makes it ideal for performing deadlifts, shrugs, and pulls. Constructed from precision-grade steel, the bar stands 6 inches off the ground and features two sets of 28mm medium-knurled neutral handles, ensuring a firm and sturdy grip during lifts. You can easily switch between the two sets of handles by flipping the bar, which is particularly useful for focusing on shrugs and minimizing shoulder stress. This bar is perfect for isolating your abdominals, glutes, legs, and arms, and it can support up to 500 pounds. The Trap Bar is designed to help you accurately perform deadlifts without putting unnecessary strain on your lower back, making it an excellent tool for toning and tightening specific muscle groups.

The Black Box Trap bar is available in Red and Black colour.

Overall Height: 160mm
Loadable Strength Length: 350mm
Handle Diameter: 30mmm
Material: Steel

Overal Length: 1830mm
Sleeve Diameter: 50mm
Weight Capacity: 500lbs

Overall Width: 600mm
Handle Spread: 600mm
Finish: Red/ Black

Weight N/A

Red, Black


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