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Carbon Pulley System


  • Cable x2 (178cm)
  • Pulley x 2
  • Loading pin 45mm x 1 (for olympic sized plates)
  • Loading pin 20mm x1 (standard sized plates)
  • Tricep rope x 1
  • Straight bar x1
  • Carbiners x3

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In need of a cable system but not willing to splash the cash on a machine?

We have just the solution for you! Perfect for your home gym, the Carbon Pulley System can be used for dozens of exercises targeting your triceps, back and abs. This also create an instant, customizable lat pulldown machine within your existing rack or rig or event your pull up bar.

Comes with 2 cables so that you can setup the pulley for low row. Also in the package are 2 pulleys, tricep rope, straight bar, an Olympic sized loading pin, standard loading pin and carabiners.



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