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Multi-Grip Bar


Total length:  212cm
Sleeve diameter: 50mm
Loadable sleeve length: 36cm
Grip diameter: 33mm
Finish: Powder coated black
Product weight: 18kg

Availability: 2 in stock (can be backordered)

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This Multi-Grip Barbell adds versatility and creativity to your barbell workouts. Now you are able to target areas that you can never get to using a normal barbell. The Multi-Grip Barbell will allow you to grip the barbell with neutral grips and different width including an angled grip. Go from narrow to wide to hit different muscle groups and enjoy the comfort of lifting with an angled neutral grip while reducing stress on your shoulders and wrists! Movements you can use with this barbell are the Bench Press, Incline Press, Floor Press, Overhead Press, Bent-Over Rows, and Skullcrushers. Flip the bar over, and you have a new angled position.

Weight 20 kg


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