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Picsil Bee Fast Jump Rope


Technical Characteristics:  

– Handle of 14 cm. 3 meter/ 2.5 mm cable
Interchangeable cables in different colors. 


– Cable: steel
– Cable sheathing: pvc
– Handle: aluminum 

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The Picsil Bee Fast Jump Rope is made of aluminum with double bearings and without keys, featuring a self-adjusting camber. Now equipped with O-rings to enhance its grip and boasting a more ergonomic handle design, ensuring perfect execution of our double jumps. Extremely fast and lightweight.

 Various colors: 

  • Handle: Blue + Cable: Pink 
  • Handle: Black + cable: Yellow  
  • Handle: Green + Cable: White

Product care: 

Do not use on abrasive surfaces. 

Environmental Benefits  

Optimized packaging means less environmental impact 

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Green, Black, Blue


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