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Picsil RX Grips No Hole


  • 0.10 kilograms.
  • Thickness of 1.8 mm
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The Grips Rx Grips without holes has all the features of the 2H and 3H models with the new feature of being a hole-less design. The Grips Rx Grips without holes are made with carbon fiber to ensure maximum durability and strength. In addition to being breathable and washable. They are the first Grips with synthetic fabric in the world. With very good grip and comfort. Patented design and material.  

Product care 

  • Do not wash
  • If they are sweaty or wet, let them dry.
  • Keep outdoors. You can hang them on your backpack

Environmental Benefits

100% vegan. Ecological fabric.

Size guide

Measures Size
<10,5cm G
>10.5cm G+
Weight N/A

G, G+


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