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Squat Stands v2


Heavy-Duty Sturdy Steel Frame Strength
17 Level Height Adjustable
30-49″ Width Adjustable
Powder Coating
J-Shape Barbell Storage Pad
Extended & Padded Protection Rod
Supports Up To 570 Pounds

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The latest version of our squat stands boasts the middle attachment bar for increased stability. The latest design of a triangle structure also increases the stability as well when you load your weights on the squat stands.

The top part of the squat stands allows you to adjust up to 28″ higher while the width of the squat rack are also adjustable from 30″ to 49″. Whenever you decide to stow them away, just minimize the width and height to decrease the footprint.

These are great for your squats, military press, bench press, curls, and more yet sturdier than squat stands v1.

*Shipping volumetric weight = 34kg

Weight 34 kg


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